Should 7th and 8th Graders be Allowed to Date?


By Sydnee Smith and Emma Osborne

The big question is… should people our age be able to date? And that’s what what we want to know! We personally think that kids our age should be able to date as long as they are being appropriate and respectful. But we wanted to ask other people. We have taken a survey and asked students and teachers what they thought about the topic. A few of our answers were from people actually in a relationship.

A girl named Miya Moore, who is in 8th grade said, “It’s a little weird, but if they really do like each other then I respect the relationship 100%”. Also, another opinion was from Maddie Aleshire,who is in 7th grade, she said, “Yeah, I mean I’m in one and I think it’s okay.” These both agree with the idea of “dating”.

Now, the other side of this is students who aren’t in a relationship. We asked two people their thoughts. Anna Saunders, in 7th grade said “It depends on the person you ask. As for me, I don’t have a preference.” Also, another opinion is from Emma Lewis who is in 8th grade. She said “It’s weird. The chance of them staying together is low. It’s more stupid than weird.” As you can see, those two opinions with Anna and Emma are very different, but of course, everyone thinks differently.

Now, we asked two teachers their opinions. Our choir director, Mr.Cummins, thinks of it in a funny way. “No, absolutely not, you should have to wait until you are 35 to start.” He laughed about it and went on. Another teacher we asked was Ms. Dulle because she is a younger teacher. She said “As long as people are appropriate at school it’s ok.” And I totally agree with that! Like couples should just not be inappropriate and people would think nothing of it!

Lastly, Emma and I are going to say our opinions. I, Sydnee am not in a relationship, so my opinion is like Anna and Emma L’s opinions. I think that it’s fine, as long as you just really act like you’re more of best friends at school and then anywhere else act more like a couple. And I, Emma, am in a relationship and I think that these are all right, people should have the freedom to date, but need to have limits too. There is always going to be a debate on whether or not people should date at our age, but no matter what your opinion is your own.


Warrior Walk 2017

By Emma Osborne

What is the Warrior Walk? Everyone is talking about it, right? The Warrior Walk is a fun fundraiser that is only done by the Junior High. The whole school walks around 2 miles to Miller Park. This is a “no-sell” fundraiser, and you get prizes for collecting money. The money we raise goes towards our school. In the past we have used it for new chrome carts and more! You get a free t-shirt and a ticket for a raffle that will be held the day of the event. The more money you raise, the more tickets you get, and the more chance you have at winning some awesome prizes! Some prizes you can win are:

  • Google Chromebook
  • Principal for the day
  • Beats headphones
  • Kings Island Pass
  • And so many more

The Warrior Walk is a great opportunity to hang out with friends and have fun!

Shrek, Jr at LJHS


By Sydnee Smith

The LJHS drama is an opportunity to act and have fun. This year Ms. Gordon and Ms. Bergman are putting on “Shrek the Musical Jr.” They cast Eric Kniffen, Ally Andrade, Beau Luke, and Kyle Lowry as the main roles. The story follows Shrek as he finds new companions and goes on a journey to save a princess. The days you can see it are November 17th and 18th. Try outs were August 29th and August 31st. The parent meeting is Tuesday September 12th at 6:30. This is Ms. Gordon and Ms. Bergman’s first year as drama club advisers, and they are doing great!

Click here for complete cast list!


Dress Codes at LJHS


By Megan Luckiw

The Lebanon Junior High School has a strict dress code policy. For both females and males, we are not allowed to show our shoulders or wear shorts above our fingertips. We are also not allowed to wear hats indoors. Of course there are more dress code rules but these are the ones that frequently get violated. New seventh grade students are not used to having a “no shoulders” policy or a dress code at all. These are interviews from fellow students at the Lebanon Junior High School about their opinions on the dress code.

Interview #1

  Me: “ How do you feel about the school’s dress code?”

  Sydney: “I feel like it is unfair. In the summer when it is hot you want to wear a tank top. I also feel like it is fair because you don’t want people wearing short shorts.”

 Me: “Have you ever been dress coded?”

 Sydney: “No I have not, I don’t plan too.”


Interview #2

(This person would like to stay anonymous).

Me: Do you like the dress code?

Anonymous: No I do not!

Me: Why?

Anonymous: I’m ok with the shorts rule. I don’t like the no tank tops policy.

Me: Ok, have you ever been dress coded?

Anonymous: No.


Interview #3

Now I interviewed a boy at LJHS

  (this person wanted a fake name used in the article).


Me: How do you feel about the school dress code?

 Danny: It’s fine, it doesn’t really matter to me.

 Me: Why?

 Danny: I don’t wear tank tops and my shorts are long.

 Me: Ok, I’m assuming you’ve never been dress coded then.

 Danny: No.

 I can conclude that the dress code does not affect too many boys at LJHS. Nobody mentioned the no hats rule either. I guess it’s because we have had that rule for so long. Although, dress codes can be annoying, it is very important for dress codes to exist. Without them, people could wear whatever they want and I don’t think that would be a good environment.



B.Y.O.D Policy at LJHS


By J.C. Spencer

First things first, do you know what B.Y.O.D stands for? BYOD stands for Bring-Your-Own-Device. This means that you can bring your own device/electronic to school! If you are in 6th grade, you know that you are only allowed to bring Chromebooks or Kindles. You mainly start using Chromebooks (in school) in 5th grade! A lot of teachers use a website/app called Google Classroom. Google Classroom is a type of online classroom! Teachers and students can post homework, classwork, tests, and even slideshows! With Kindles, you can read, but on a device. The first ones that came out you could only read books and play dull black and white games. Now, with the Kindle Fire, you can play games (not black and white) and read books almost just like and tablet or even an I-Pad! Also, on tablets and Android devices, you can now download the Kindle apps and read without buying or owning a Kindle or even a Kindle Fire.  

Some positive things about the BYOD policy here at LJHS are being able to use them when we do not have enough Chromebooks or computers in the building for every student to get to use one, students can bring their own devices. The students who do not have one or did not bring one can use the school’s supply of them! Some of the websites/apps that students are allowed to use include Google Drive, TenMarks, Discovery Education, YouTube, Edcite, Pearson, Read Theory, G-Mail, Khan Academy, Google Classroom, Kahoot, Google Docs, Go Formative, Formative, Quizizz, Quizlet, Google, Google Slides, Instagram, Edline, Progress Book, and many, many more. Overall, I think that the BYOD policy here at LJHS is a great thing to have!