The Story of St. Patrick’s Day

by Megan Luckiw

St. Patrick was born in Roman Britain and was captured in the late 4th century at the age of 16. He was taken to Ireland as a slave. He eventually escaped and in the time that he was there he converted 432 irish people to Christianity. St. Patrick established monasteries, churches, and schools. When he died on March 17, 461 Ireland came to celebrate his day with religious services and feasts.
This tradition came to the United States they turned it into a secular holiday In the article “Saint Patrick’s Day” on it says, “Boston held its first St. Patrick’s Day parade in 1737, followed by New York City in 1762. Since 1962 Chicago has coloured its river green to mark the holiday. (Although blue was the colour traditionally associated with St. Patrick, green is now commonly connected with the day.) “

Author: warriorwordljhs

I teach intervention study hall during my mornings and instruct 7th and 8th graders in ART for the afternoon. I love my work. I am a mom of 2 college students. I truly enjoy the outdoors and walking my dog, Cocoa. I am excited to lead the online newspaper this 2019-20 school year and "grow" awesome writers here at LJHS. Go Warriors!

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