Kevin Hart Oscar Controversy


by Megan Luckiw

Kevin Hart was asked to apologize for homophobic tweets in his past and steps down from the Oscars host instead. He says that he already brought it up and apologized when they were more relevant. Some of these tweets involve him saying,” Yo if my son comes home & try’s 2 play with my daughters doll house I’m going 2 break it over his head & say n my voice “stop that’s gay”. As well as,” Ok I’m just now waking up and I’m in a good mood so I think I’m going to go to the gym and get big……..(no homo) lol.”

Obviously these aren’t very tasteful. Many comedians say that they can make jokes about anything. Which is fine but these aren’t  professional jokes on a stage with a punchline. Billy Eichner took to twitter to say his opinion about it. He writes,” Many of us have jokes/tweets we regret. I’m ok with tasteless jokes, depending on context. What bothers me about these is you can tell it’s not just a joke-there’s real truth, anger & fear behind these. I hope Kevin’s thinking has evolved since 2011.”

Another thing people have a problem with this is when he said he apologized for this in the past he never actually says the words “I’m sorry.” He says I don’t want problems with anybody and being homophobic can ruin a career. Which does sound kind of like a back hand apology but then he goes to say that homosexuality is not a joke and it’s not funny because of all these hate crimes that have been happening lately.

     Kevin even went on the Ellen Show to talk about his controversy in which he says ,” I know me and I don’t have a homophobic bone in my body.” Ellen says,” I know that and that’s why I think you should be the host of the Oscars.” To have Ellen DeGeneres stand up for him might persuade people’s opinions on Kevin Hart.

Kevin ended up not hosting the Oscars which aired this past Sunday. Instead the Academy opted for no host at all.

Author: warriorwordljhs

I teach intervention study hall during my mornings and instruct 7th and 8th graders in ART for the afternoon. I love my work. I am a mom of 2 college students. I truly enjoy the outdoors and walking my dog, Cocoa. I am excited to lead the online newspaper this 2019-20 school year and "grow" awesome writers here at LJHS. Go Warriors!

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