Should Election Day Be a Paid Holiday?

by Megan Luckiw

In Sandusky, Ohio Election day has become a paid holiday in order to boost civic participation. It only impacts municipal workers, but “this can spark a lot of conversation in the city with private employers or beyond the city with private employers or beyond the city with other local governments-our home is that this can make a deeper impact,” city manager Eric Wobser said. Anti-corruption measures, is working on making election day a holiday for employers in both the public and private sectors. This sounds like a great idea. If political leaders want American’s votes participation then they need to make this a day of work. 


10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Valentine’s Day

by Vivian DuBrowa

10 facts you probably didn’t know about valentines day.

1.Groundhog Day was originally observed on February 14.

2.On Valentine’s Day, nearly 189 million stems of roses are sold in the U.S.

3.British children in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries would celebrate Valentine’s Day by going door-to-door singing songs and sometimes begging for cake or money.

4.In Germany, girls would plant onions in a pot on Valentine’s Day, and next to the onions, they placed the name of a boy. They believed they would marry the boy whose name was nearest the first onion to grow

5.In the United States, consumers buy over 58 million pounds of chocolate

6.Valentine’s Day is the second most popular day of the year for sending cards. Christmas is the first most popular.

7. Valentine’s day is the holiday where the most tears are shed.

8. The history of Valentine’s day isn’t very jolly.

9. This is the one of the holiday makes 1/18 kids birthdays on November 14th, which is my brothers birthday.

10. Based on retail statistics, about 3 percent of pet owners will give gifts to their pets on this day.



President’s Day

by J.C Spencer

President’s Day is observed as a public holiday in most states, yet it is one of the ten US legal federal holidays. Most businesses remain open, although the postal service won’t be open. The states that don’t observe this as a public holiday include Delaware, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, North Carolina, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin. This holiday mainly honors Former President George Washington, but some states pay particular attention to Former President Abraham Lincoln, whose birthday is in February as well as Washington’s. For some reason, it is celebrated on the third Monday of February, although Washington’s birthday is actually February 22nd.

According to, it was originally established in the year 1885 and was in recognition of Former President George Washington. It was first proposed by Arkansas Senator Steven Wallace Dorsey and signed into law by Former President Rutherford B. Hayes in 1879.



George Washington’s…hair?


by J.C. Spencer

There have been many sales at auctions that are strange, but this has to be one of the weirdest. On February 1st, a lock of Former President George Washington’s hair sold at Lelands, an auction house located in the state of New Jersey. According to the New York Post, it sold for $35,763.60 alongside a letter signed by former Secretary of State James Hamilton, the third son of Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of State, under Former President George Washington. James sent it to a New York woman (Eleanor G. Collins) in the March of 1871,“as amark of his respect and regard”. This letter was dated March 20, 1871. USA Today says that the hair was sold by the family of Alexander Hamilton. The strands of hair are tied together with a string, and are around 5.31 inches long. It had a starting bid of $2,500, and was sold at the closing of the auction.

High School Awaits

by Ally Andrade

For all the 8th graders at LJHS, you are starting to hear more and more about high school. We are already starting scheduling and preparing. Some kids are worried about being with the older kids, harder classes, and the stress that comes with it. Although, it’s not always the way it seems in movies with the “big bad bullies” or the huge amount of stress.

There is plenty of opportunities to take study hall and get extra help from teachers. The teachers do actually care about their students, they want you to succeed! Also, as long as you pay attention in class and try your best, you can get by. And besides, look at the bright sides of high school! There is more freedom that comes with getting older and it’s nice to know that you are becoming more independent as you are growing. Plus, high school opens up a whole new world of opportunities! They have tons of options for clubs and you can take new classes that were not offered at the junior high.

Super Bowl 2019

by Megan Luckiw

The Rams and the Patriots played in this years super bowl and it was the most boring thing I have ever watched. The game itself was pretty slow. The Patriots won 13 to 3 (shocking, the Patriots won, again). They were tied for a long time, though which is part of the reason the game was so boring. Another reason the game was so boring was the halftime show. The main performance was Maroon 5 and honestly I’m not impressed. The performance was just okay. I feel like they could’ve done a better job at performing. However, the Spongebob SquarePants “Sweet Victory” song was pretty funny. Honestly, it was the only interesting thing about the super bowl. The next thing that made it such a pain to watch was the commercials. Usually, the super bowl commercials are really good because so many people are watching it. But, this year they were nothing special. There was one commercial that made me so confused. It was a Burger King commercial that said #eatlikeandy. The whole commercial is this grown man just eating a burger. Entertainment at its finest. Even though the game was boring, the important thing to remember is that the Patriots won, and that’s the only thing that matters.

Government Shutdown

by Hadley Koch

As many of you may know the government was in partial shutdown as of December 22nd. Which means this was the longest government shutdown in U.S. history. Now, this is mainly due to a disagreement towards funding for the wall at the southern border between Mexico and the United States to keep illegal immigrants out. Congressional lawmakers could not come to a decision so the president shut down several agencies for an estimated amount of time until he get what he wants… 5.7 billion for the wall.

So this is what you need to know; one of the main parts of President Trump’s campaign in 2016 was that  he was going to build a wall at the southern border. He originally said that he was going to make Mexico pay for it, but not being theirs to pay for he needed to find funding in our own budget to do so. But the problem is we can’t come to an agreement as to how much we actually want to spend on it. The main disagreement is between democrats and republicans in congress, with the Democrats wanting to give little to none money for the wall and negotiate with the president for alternatives. The Republicans generally just want to pass the proposal from the president.

Now a new problem is that all of the departments that have been shut down like the TSA ,which is basically made of agents and employees working at airports like security workers, Aren’t getting paid. So all of those still working are not being paid along with their  mortgages and bills which are getting harder and harder to keep up with since they aren’t receiving money for their services. Many are calling in sick or even quitting their jobs because they still haven’t gotten compensation. I wouldn’t be surprised if even more quit in the future because there seems no end in site to this Government shutdown unless our leaders and congress can come to an agreement.

The government finally ended the shutdown.